Relative Media Stories – Bloomsburg Fight

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Last weekend, a Bloomsburg University student Jackie Lithgow was put into a coma due to a fight in his fraternity zeta psi. Officials speculated that the fight occurred by 3 Kutztown University Students who were visiting the school over the weekend. He is currently in critical condition at Geisinger medical center. The fight reportedly occurred at roughly 1:07 a.m. at an apartment on Iron street, in Bloomsburg. Lithgow, and friend Donald Hoover were sent to the hospital. Both actually played at Boiling Springs High school for basketball. This was an attack. These Kutztown football players wanted someone to go after. They were out for blood that night. Anytime that alcohol is involved at a college campus sparks will fly. It is said that they were upset because the party was invite only and they weren’t allowed in. So they took matters into their own hands. Look at what happened. A young boy who tried to step in and stop the fight got punched in the head many times and is now in critical condition fighting for his life. Jackie Lithgow, a student at the University has a foundation where you can donate and help him get through this hardship. Thoughts go out to his family and friends during this time. This leads me to question if this could happen to other students. If this happened to an innocent guy standing around, why wouldn’t this happen to me if I went out with some friends. Overall, the safety at Bloomsburg University is very good in regards to police always surfacing and breaking up big parties. However, this can happen to anyone at any time. – An arrest has been made – Picture of Jackie taken from “”


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